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Feedback on 'Stand Up, Speak Out' in schools:

“I now fully understand how unequal our society is and it makes me more empowered.”

“I would definitely recommend these workshops – it is very empowering, safe and fun.”

 “It was empowering, fun, liberating and very, very feminist! Thank you, Gina, it was amazing. “

“It was really fun and I think that everyone should have the opportunity to do it!”

“An incredibly fun, empowering, safe space environment full of ideas and energy.”

“It’s been incredible and I loved it. I’ve learnt loads.”

“It was an amazing experience and was very empowering.”


“I think the issues were delivered in a really sensitive and safe way and this meant that Gina got a lot out of the students. She had them bring in new sources and stimuli each week which meant they were driving the direction of the performance and felt ownership.


I think the messages in the final performance were really powerful and I know these had a massive impact on both the students involved in the sessions and the student audience who watched it. I think the skills they were taught when creating the performance will be highly transferrable as they embark upon the devised performance exam in their upcoming GCSEs.

 I would highly recommend this project to other schools. The sessions delivered by Gina are sensitive, thought provoking, demand high expectations and offer an incredibly safe space for young people to explore important issues.”

Teacher, Park View School, Tottenham


Feedback on 'Consent in Acting' workshops at LAMDA:

"I thought the consent workshop with Gina was brilliant. She created a safe, open environment and the discussion felt vital. I got the impression everyone left feeling reassured and more confident in knowing how to navigate this tricky issue."

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