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Spark is an arts education organisation that brings programmes exploring gender equality to schools, businesses, and the theatre industry. We aim to empower, challenge, and spark ideas for change.

In 2017 I spoke out against a prominent theatre figure for inappropriate sexual comments he made to me in the workplace. At the time I was aware of a spark within me which connected my inner sense of injustice with my exterior action; the desire to do something. To speak out. It is my mission to instill this spark within others; to ignite them into action; often through drama, always through discussion. Through our programmes of work, Spark gives people the tools with which to empower themselves to understand what inequality means to them, and ultimately to stand up and speak out against it.


Spark and its projects are run by Gina Abolins. With a background in education in theatre for over three years, Gina has experience planning and running education-based theatre projects with a range of age groups. Her previous experience includes running the Education work at Out of Joint Theatre Company, and previously at The Ambassador Theatre Group. Prior to this, she trained and worked professionally as an actress for four years. As well as her experience in theatre, she was also recently a key whistle blower in theatre for the #MeToo movement, when she raised a formal complaint and then publicly spoke out against well-known director Max Stafford-Clark, after he made a number of inappropriate comments towards her in the workplace. She is a recipient of a Tonic Theatre Award for Outstanding Bravery. Gina strives to empower others to find the confidence to be honest in their beliefs and to challenge gender inequality in our society today.

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