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Issues around gender inequality in our society today are complex. Things such as the way our gender are perceived in the media, the stereotypes put on us from a young age, and the types of jobs we are expected to have, all impact on young people's mental health and well-being.

Yet sadly, education around gender equality is not part of the National Curriculum. So we have created some short and interactive digital resources for you to use in the classroom; to help explore this important and life-affecting subject. They offer thought-provoking information on the issues, thoughts and opinions from young people, and opportunities for your class to discuss the issues themselves.

If you would like something even more interactive, Spark offer workshops and talks in schools. Issues covered can include:

 - Gender stereotypes 

 - Unconscious bias

 - The history of women's equality

 - Women in the workplace

 - Sexualisation and objectification in the media

 - Harassment and #MeToo

-  Consent 

If interested, please contact us at for more details.

Stereotyping and Unconscious Bias

This video covers:

  •  Stereotypes in society for men and women

  • When do we first experience these?

  • What kind of jobs are stereotypical for men and women?

  • Can stereotypes upset people?

  • Are stereotypes accurate?

  • Unconscious Bias - what is it?

Gender Equality for Boys and Men

This video covers:

  • Stereotypes on men and the pressures these can have

  • The pressure on men to not show emotion, and its impact

  • Sexual harassment and sexism: taking responsibility for our words and actions

  • Long-term effects of gender expectations on men; mental health and well-being

Objectification and Sexualisation in the Media

This video covers:

  • Body Image and the impact of the media on this

  • Objectification of women in the media

  • Impact of the media on men and women's mental health and well-being

  • Opportunity to reflect on positive steps young people can take to avoid media pressure

The History of Women and Work

This video covers:

  • The journey of equality across the years, including the Suffragettes and women in the world wars

  • Women in the workplace, including gender pay gap and women in senior roles

  • What else still needs to be achieved in the fight for gender equality?

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